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Audiological Services

At Alliance Hearing Center, we offer a complete range of hearing services to the people of New Hampshire. Your hearing and communication are vital parts of your well-being. You need your hearing to connect with your loved ones, hear your favorite music, and to fully enjoy life. No matter what your audiological needs are, we are here to provide you with expert, caring service. From hearing tests to tinnitus management to hearing aids, our team can help you.

Early identification for hearing loss is key. When left untreated, hearing loss can affect your mental health and cognitive abilities. We encourage our patients to have their hearing checked on a regular basis to ensure any hearing losses are caught early.

We offer hearing tests for children and adults of all ages. If you suspect you or a loved one has a hearing loss, please contact us today.

Studies have shown that hearing loss is connected to cognitive decline. In fact, people with untreated hearing loss experience a 30%-40% greater decline in cognitive abilities and an increased risk of developing dementia. Hearing is the number one modifiable risk factor for cognitive decline. This is why we offer Cognivue screening.

Cognivue screening is a five-minute, self-administered test that evaluates three cognitive functions: memory, visuospatial, and executive function as well as reaction time and speed processing. This screening is a major step toward identifying cognitive decline caused by depression, anxiety, and hearing loss. To learn more about Cognivue, please contact us.

Tinnitus affects millions of people. Tinnitus is the perception of noise in the ear or head when there is none around you. Many people describe tinnitus as hearing a buzzing, hissing, ringing, or whooshing sound. Tinnitus can be temporary, lasting only a few seconds, or it can occur constantly. The causes of tinnitus include:

  • Hearing loss
  • Loud noise exposure
  • Impacted earwax
  • Stress
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Head or neck injury

At our hearing clinic, we can perform a tinnitus test during your hearing exam to discover the cause and severity of your tinnitus. We also offer new tinnitus treatments, including special hearing aids with a tinnitus masking feature.

Cerumen (earwax) can become impacted inside the ear canal, causing discomfort and muffled hearing. If you wear hearing aids, then you may experience earwax that is bothersome. Our audiologists can examine your ears and determine if earwax is a problem. If you have clogged ears due to earwax, contact us today for an ear exam.

Alliance Hearing Center offers a wide range of hearing aid services to keep your devices performing their best. We offer the following services for your hearing aids at both our Concord and Peterborough offices:

  • Hearing Aid Evaluation
  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming
  • Hearing Aid Repairs
  • Hearing Aid Cleanings
  • Hearing Aid Accessories
  • Redux Hearing Aid Restoration

Loud noise exposure is one of the most common causes of hearing loss in individuals of all ages. It’s estimated that over 15% of Americans experience noise induced hearing loss as a result of exposure to loud noise. Because this form of hearing loss is entirely preventable, we offer custom fit earmolds and earplugs for optimal hearing protection.

Custom hearing protection is ideal for:

  • Concert goers
  • Industrial & construction personnel
  • Hunters
  • Woodworkers
  • Machinists
  • Musicians
  • Law enforcement

Don’t let loud noise exposure affect your ability to hear. Contact our office today to be fit with custom hearing protection!

We offer Redux, an ultra-efficient evaporations system that leaves hearing instruments sounding their best through complete and verified moisture removal. If your hearing aids have been submerged in water or if the humidity has affected their performance, we can use Redux to restore your devices.

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