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Audiological Care in Concord and Peterborough

At Alliance Hearing Center, we measure success by the satisfaction of our patients. Our mission is to provide comprehensive audiological care to people of all ages in a comfortable and fun environment. We offer a wide range of diagnostic hearing and balance services as well as preventative options. Our personalized approach to hearing healthcare allows us to help everyone who walks through our doors.

Meet Your Audiologists in
Concord and Peterborough

Dwight Valdez, MA, FAAA

Dwight Valdez, MA, FAAA


Dwight “Ike” Valdez has been practicing audiology since 1982. He has first-hand knowledge of hearing loss and hearing aids as he developed a permanent hearing loss from loud noise exposure. He is an advocate for the use of hearing protection and encourages his patients to wear hearing aids.

Ike practiced in hospital out-patient settings and with ear, nose, and throat specialists for many years. He received his doctoral training at Purdue University with emphasis in hearing aid research and aural rehabilitation. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Audiology and Communication Disorders from Andrews University and Master of Arts degree in Audiology from Michigan State University.

Nicole Bettencourt, Au.D.

Nicole Bettencourt, Au.D.


Concord location

Dr. Bettencourt is passionate about her work as an audiologist and empathizes with her patients. She has had bilateral sensorineural hearing loss since birth and has been a successful hearing aid user since the age of five. Her personal experiences with both hearing loss and hearings aids allow her a special insight to the world of audiology.

Dr. Bettencourt earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Disorders from the University of New Hampshire and her Master of Science degree in Audiology from the University of Connecticut. She completed her Doctorate in Clinical Audiology (Au.D.) from the Arizona School of Health Sciences, a division of the Kirksville University of Medicine.

Nataliya V. Ayzenberg, Ph.D.

Nataliya V. Ayzenberg, Ph.D.

Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Ayzenberg has over 15 years of experience practicing audiology in Russia and the U.S. She graduated from the Russian State Medical University in Moscow, Russia, where she obtained her Ph.D. in Audiology. She is experienced in hearing evaluations, counseling, hearing rehabilitation, fitting hearing instruments, and tinnitus evaluations and management.

Dr. Ayzenberg is certified by the American Board of Audiology, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and the American Academy of Audiology. She is licensed by the New Hampshire Board of Hearing Care Providers and by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As an Audiologist, she enjoys being able to help people improve their quality of life by improving their ability to communicate with loved ones.

Peggi's Headshot

Peggi Nightingale

Hearing Instrument Specialist, IT

Peterborough location

Peggi has been with Alliance Hearing Center since October 2019. She is available to help answer any questions as she loves helping people and problem solving. She is currently working on becoming a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist through the International Hearing Society (IHS). She is knowledgeable about hearing health and stays up to date on the latest hearing aid technology. Whether you need a question answered or your hearing aid repaired, Peggi can help you.

Peggi enjoys spending her free time with family and friends.


Shannon Nightingale

Office Manager, Billing, IT

Concord location

Shannon has been with Alliance Hearing Center for about 5 years and she performs many roles. She is the Office Manager for our Concord office, she manages our billing and IT. She has over 10 years of management experience and enjoys helping patients and answering any questions. She feels lucky to work with a great team of people who all care about helping others.

In her free time, Shannon enjoys playing disc golf, being in nature, and playing with her dog, Maverick.


Connie Sarnie

Scheduler Coordinator

Concord and Peterborough locations

Connie is the Scheduler Coordinator for both our Concord and Peterborough offices. She has over 25 years of experience working in otolaryngology and audiology practices. She has 14 years of experience as a CNA, working with doctors and patients, as well as valuable medical billing and scheduling experience. She enjoys meeting with patients and helping them with their hearing needs.

Family time is very important to Connie. She enjoys being with her family, friends, and church family.


Mimi Lorenz

Audiology Coordinator

Concord location

Mimi is the Audiology Coordinator for our Concord office. Before joining Alliance Hearing Center 15 years ago, she worked as a CNA in homecare for many years and spent 20 years at an Otolaryngology/Audiology practice. Mimi has always enjoyed helping people and lives by the motto, “treat people the way you would like to be treated.”

Mimi enjoys spending time with her grandson, going to the beach, and ice skating.


Ruth Pratt

Office Assistant

Peterborough location

Ruth has been with the Alliance Hearing Center team since 2019 and she brings valuable customer service experience. She has worked in several office positions over the years, mostly with non-profits. She loves meeting new people and helping them with their paperwork and answering any questions. As a hearing aid wearer herself, Ruth has a unique understanding of what our patients are experiencing.

In her free time, Ruth enjoys gardening, photography, and being at the ocean.

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Alliance Hearing Center office exterior Concord, NH

Hearing Aid Financing

The price of hearing aids varies depending on the level of technology you choose. Most insurance plans do not automatically cover hearing healthcare or hearing aids. Even if you have it, insurance coverage for hearing aids varies in the way it is administered. If you want to know what your hearing aid benefits are, call the toll-free number on the back of your insurance card.

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